Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ladies everywhere 2007 30"x 40" mixed media

Roses = women. Gold = divinity.

curious feather 2009 10"x 10" mixed media

The bird in this piece is created from a recipe from a vintage cookbook.

behind the curious birds 2009 10"x 10" mixed media

The birds are fashioned out of vintage cookbook recipes and they have rhinestones to add sparkle to their eyes. Behind them is a secret mistake--the original painting I intended. I didn't like how it was going, and painted over it, but the body of the original painting still comes through in texture.

loosely connected 2009 10"x 10" mixed media

This is my favorite version of these two birds (so far). The taller one looks so regal, confident, yet gentle, and the smaller one looks captivated, like she's moving in just a little closer.

holding down the fort 2009 10"x 10" mixed media

This painting illustrates the beauty of looking after one another. We all have off days, and we're fortunate if we have someone to hold down the fort until we're able to pull ourselves back up.

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