Monday, March 30, 2009

untitled 2009 8"x 10" mixed media

These are two of my favorite birds and they appear over and over again in many of my pieces, usually together, but sometimes alone.

out to lunch 2009 8"x 10" mixed media

This piece, a favorite theme of mine, illustrates the comedy that life truly is. The bird is fashioned out of a recipe for duck (I think) out of a vintage cookbook.

this moment 2009 11"x 14" mixed media

I'd like to tell you that the title is clever, but it actually doesn't even originally belong to this piece. The title card had already been made for a piece I intended to show, but changed my mind at the last moment. Instead of making a new card to perfectly match the other 35+ cards that had been made, I decided to stick this title to this piece instead, and since I'm a firm believer in "no accidents", it seems fitting. The birds are made from excerpts of a story from a vintage book for girls.

good as gold 2009 8"x 10" mixed media

This painting is created from an upcycled canvas and the gold interlace type design on the wings is gold leaf paint.

barbwire bird 2009 8"x 8" mixed media

The bird in this piece is made from an excerpt of a story about Joan of Arc from a vintage book.

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