Saturday, August 22, 2009

2009 10"x 10" mixed media

This is a piece that will appear at an auction event benefiting Water for People. It is technically a plywood bird piece, but this is larger and fancier than I generally create. It's birch mounted onto a wood frame backing that pulls it up from the wall, similarly to deep gallery wrapped canvas. I'm waiting on a title--thinking of a 3 word [noun, verb, adjective] name that has been required for the show.

Friday, August 14, 2009

3 wishes 2009 24"x 24" mixed media

Last month I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit New Orleans for a few days. This piece is inspired by a memory made during my trip. The subject of a balloon release may not be significantly original, but this one is to me. It was a warm promising night as we let 3 balloons go over the Mississippi after taking some time in quiet to consider a wish. As soon as they floated up, I saw the painting in my mind, and there it stayed until today, when I finished this piece. Now I can let it go--like the balloons.
By the way, I know that at least 2 of the 3 wishes have come true [one being my own--more than nice].
spirit of seeing 2009 mixed media vintage postcard

I generally don't like to post new work I'm creating specifically for an upcoming "hang" [showing], but I'm so excited by this inspiration, I thought I could at least preview it. I have several more of these, and they will actually be part of an installation at Mode Organic Salon [on Roosevelt] in Seattle, so even by previewing these, one would have to stop by in person to get the whole feel. I plan to combine organic material from which to hang these pieces, which will lend itself nicely to Mode's cozy organic atmosphere.

spirit of understanding 2009 mixed media vintage postcard

quiet in chaos 2009 mixed media vintage postcard
london peek-er 2009 6"x 6" mixed media

This piece is created from a vintage map mounted on plywood, and the bird is made from a page out of a vintage program from the Ice Capades. It's actually my program; I'm a [reformed] collector of whatever, and it pains me to call this treasure vintage--but let's be straight, it's vintage (by Etsy's standards 20 years at least), NOT antique.

did you hear something? 2009 6"x 6" mixed media

This little bird is created from an illustration from a vintage English (as in European) book for girls.

the cat, the bird, and the feather 2009 6"x 6" mixed media

The bird in this piece is created from a page from a vintage children's book [that my partner in artistic crime, Heather, gave me].

2009 6"x 6" mixed media

I actually don't remember what this piece is called. I created it and sent it off to Florida, to Studio Gallery of Grayton Beach. I remember it had a good title, something to do with singing.
The birds are created from excerpts from a vintage children's book.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

and the tree was happy... 2008 30"x 40" mixed media

This is probably my most favorite painting I've ever created. It was a commission piece--a family tree. The client and I went back and forth because she wanted muted colors, and I [if you've noticed] am a loud color girl. I called her over often to look at it while working, because I was so afraid I would go over board with color. Maybe that's why I like this piece so well, because it's not entirely my idea.
Incorporated into it are leaves made of vintage cookbook recipes, and blossoms made from snippets of cotton. The title comes from a line out of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree.

el capitan 2008 16"x 20" acrylic

This is one of my favorites also, adapted from a photo of my oldest son's dog Brutus. He's enjoying a boat ride on Lake Chelan--lucky dog.