Sunday, March 29, 2009


map tree 2009 8"x 8" mixed media

This little piece incorporates vintages round bits of map paper as the blossoms to this tree.

forest bird 2009 8"x 8" mixed media

The bird in this painting is a "recipe" for hand knit gloves from a vintage book for girls.

when life hands you lemons 2009 24"x 24" mixed media

The birch trees in this piece happened as a result to experimentation (I love when that happens), and the birds [and lemon] are fashioned out of vintage paper, actually rules to the game Clue. The consummate optimist may not even notice the lemon in the tree, revealing they may be a natural maker of lemonade.

no where to run 2007 12"x 12" acrylic

This piece is a depiction of the beauty that sometimes seems just beyond the horizon, yet we are unable to run toward it because we are stuck on a track running circles, due to outside or internal limitations.

view from my room too 2008 22"x 28" mixed media

This is a reproduction of a piece that originally was more realistic and hung in my room for some time, hence the name.

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