Wednesday, November 25, 2009

spirit of memories 2009 mixed media vintage postcard

These postcards used to belong to a collection that I've kept to myself for several years. I'm a collector of sorts, and I realized it doesn't do me [or anyone for that matter] any good to keep my treasures [like these postcards] to myself. These cards sat in a book, untouched and unseen by anyone until I decided to incorporate them into my work. Honestly, I'm a little torn about altering the original integrity of these postcards, but I consider each one carefully before adding my bits. The titles in this series mostly have the phrase "spirit of" to reflect the ghostly nature of the subjects, and to pay tribute to the original owners of these cards--likely long gone from this mortal plane.

spirit of quiet 2009 mixed media vintage postcard

changes 2009 mixed media vintage postcard

spirit of history 2009 mixed media vintage postcard

light as a... 2009 mixed media postcard

1 comment:

  1. I live in Rome and the Coloseum postcard is great :-)
    And it's a rare sight of Rome too, cos the "meta sudante", that sort of cone in front of Coloseum, unfortunateely was destroyed in the 30s to build a street for military parades!
    Thank you for sharing that :-)