Sunday, September 6, 2009

the birds 2009 20"x 20" mixed media

This painting was finished yesterday, with purpose. Many of my pieces are out at show right now, and it leaves my walls bare. It's not that I intend on adorning my walls with my own work, but a girl on a budget (such as myself) isn't able to fill a house with the works of others, so many of the walls in my house hold my work between shows. This has left my bedroom, in particular, bare. I decided I wanted to hang the king and i, but I felt it needed a companion piece--something to lend balance.

[reminder] the king and i
The birds in the complementary piece are created from vintage paper, sketched, and sprayed gold (for brillante). Once the two pieces were side by side, it inspired a new series I'd like to create called birds and beasts (like the animal fair).

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