Wednesday, May 20, 2009

divine bird 2009 6"x 6" mixed media

Most plywood has a "good side", and with each of my plywood paintings, I try to pick the best side on which to paint. This piece did not have good side. In fact, the side I chose to paint is actually the side I would generally shy away from, but instead of trying to fill in all the cracks and sand down all the bumps, I decided to enhance them by letting the imperfections shine through (like I say, imperfections = charm).

lemon love bird 2009 6"x 6" mixed media

I entitled this piece with love, because I LOVE my new lemony colored spray paint [I kind of want to lick it, but I know it will probably disappoint like when you try to eat flavored chapstick]. The bird in this piece is created from an illustration of A Christmas Carol, taken from a vintage book, and the flower is cut from vintage drawer lining paper.

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