Thursday, May 14, 2009

pleasant 2009 4"x 4" mixed media

This little painting is created from acrylic and spray paint, featuring a bird made from a vintage illustration from a book.

upcycle sign birds 2009 11"x 33" mixed media

This piece is created from an upcylced sign. It was sitting outside the back door of my work, basically where we put things that are to be recylcled and thrown away. It was a shabby chicish sign (white). I asked what it was doing outside the door (because it seemed perfectly useful to me), and my boss said, "you can have it" (he must have seen it in my eyes).
It was so great; this white painted sign, in terrific condition with hangers already measured and aligned on the back. All I had to do was paint it. BUT, on a very rainy sleepy day, I began painting it. It was coming along well. The colors good, the birds perfectly shaped and painted--it was all going well...until...I went to mount the birds on the painting. I unthinkingly placed all 3 upside down. It was my mad painting skill. I had created such a nice branch in which the birds would sit, that it looked just as good upside down (maybe that's not a good thing). It wasn't until I flipped it over until I realized I had placed the birds upside down (and not on purpose like in some of my work), and had ruined the beauty of the sign being pre-hung.
So there you have it. By the way, I re-wired it, although the original hangers are there too, if one was inclined to hang it upside down.

girl on a string 2009 12"x 16" mixed media

I personally love this one. The colors and content. The bird is fashioned out of a vintage cookbook recipe and the girl from a vintage illustration from a book.

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